DT Bridge Jungle Gym

Make Play Time Fun time again with our newly launched Jungle Gym Range!

Materials used: SAB Structural Pine (Heat treated) SABS T&G Decking NO PALLET WOOD USED!

L: 6 Meters,  W: 1.5 Meter, slide stands out an additional 3 meters . Includes swing x 1 and slide

Our jungle gyms are designed  to be portable. They are easy to assemble and transport.

for extra fun. Your also welcome to drop us a design your specifically looking for and we can make to your requirements
Material we use:
Decking for roof and decks and climbing wall -NO PALLET WOOD
Structural Pine for frame, treated and sealed! Painted or varnished
Fiber glass slide with water port to turn you slide into a water slide

Maintaining your outdoor timber structures is of utmost importance. Timber is a natural product and when it’s used for exterior construction, it can certainly take a punishing from the weather elements. Exposed timber is prone to splitting and aging if the timber is not regularly maintained.

If left unattended to for long periods of time, the timber will become unsightly, structurally unsafe and very expensive to repair.

​We recommend that all outdoor timber structures be coated with an exterior timber preservative or wood sealer. The coating will penetrate into the wood to seal and protect it from extreme weather conditions.

We also highly recommend that your exterior timber structures and especially outdoor playground equipment be serviced and re-coated annually.